Baby Isabella update 8/2015


Bella and “big” sister

It’s been a while since we’ve provided an update. So here it goes! All is well with baby Bella. She continues to gain weight and her reflux condition is improving now that her meds were adjusted. The Cardiologist and the surgeons have discussed her case as mentioned earlier. They would like her to get up to about 20 pounds before surgery (almost double what they initially wanted). The cardiologist does not think she’ll be able to hold out that long before surgery is required based upon the rate at which her pulmonary artery stenosis continues to worsen; however, the more weight she can put on, the better she’ll be able to bounce back from the open heart surgery. Thanks for the continued prayers, thoughts, and support. Love, Steve, Jessica, and fam.‪#‎CHD‬ ‪#‎TOF‬ ‪#‎22Q11‬


Heart Parents: Finally a diagnosis!

Heart Parents Finally a diagnosis!

So for those who are following:

We are 25 weeks 5 days and my cervix is holding steady at 2.8 which is low but still not in the scary range. We got our blood work back stating we have a 1 in 19 chance of 22Q11 of course its such a wide spectrum we are not truly sure what to expect but the one thing I definitely expect is to love him or her regardless. We got to see the cardiologist again and he finally was able to confirm the Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) he was able to see all of the traits necessary to say he was positive that’s what it was.

The good news is we have a definite answer…. the bad news is we still do not what will happen after baby is here which is a little A LOT scary. We do have a plan though,

Plan A: If baby comes out having a tet spell (being blue) they will do a partial repair right away and then open heart will follow in the following months.

Plan B: If baby tolerates labor fine and if breathing well and doing well we can bring baby home and wait for a complete repair (open heart) in the following months

Either way with both plans they will only allow baby 2 tet (turning blue) spells as soon as that is reached we have open heart asap and the other thing is we will be sent home with lots of devices to keep evodad and I sane so we are not constantly worrying if the baby is ok, the machines will help us to know.

The real task is making it to full-term, with having a history of preterm labor I have been on Progesterone shots since 15 weeks in order to stop preterm labor and so far its been working. The hope is to stop the shots at 36 weeks like medically suggested and to make it to 37 weeks at the very least. Preemies have an amazing strength to survive however with baby having a CHD (congenital heart defect) they have assured me mortality rates are much higher.

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Heart Parents: Our Story


At my anatomy scan all looked well but noticed she spent a lot of time near the heart. She just kept saying I’m sorry baby is so active I have to get this last picture. Honestly I thought it was a little odd because we have had 5 other pregnancy and this wasn’t my first rodeo. When the specialist came in he said ok when looking at the Baby’s heart it doesn’t look like its all working properly. Of course my heart sank we’ve been here before but last time it was a kidney! As he went on he talked about how he saw a few holes and the aorta was all wrong and he wanted me to go see a cardiologist who does fetal ultra sounds. He also wanted  me an amino, I’m not fond of them I’ve had 2.

SIDE STORY : The first went seamless at 37 weeks and the 2nd well did not go as planned. At 21 weeks we found out our 3rd child had multi-cystic kidneys totally survivable it would just mean a surgery depending on severity, unfortunately 24 hours after the amino my water broke and I was in the hospital fighting to keep baby Giovanni cooking as we had not reached 24 weeks yet and they would not save him. Unfortunately after fighting for about 5 days his cord prolapsed and we were devastated! Our baby was gone and we could do nothing. The worst part was a few hours after I delivered him the specialist called to tell me the amino results came back negative for anything that would make him incompatible with life.. We risked and lost him for something completely treatable! I beat myself up every single day, it all could have been prevented!

Anyways so long story not so short I denied the amino this time around, and I feel good about that, I feel like this time I’m not being bullied into something I’m not 100% about. Oh and what do you know there is suddenly a blood test now… Ok fine I’ll do the blood test it won’t hurt my already sick baby (still waiting on results). Anywho I had my first visit with my Fetal Cardiologist and he was great very very thorough and gave us a lot of scenarios and diagnosed a definite VSD (hole in the heart) but was not going to diagnose the Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) until he got all the pictures he wanted but did say hey there is an overriding aorta and the pulmonary looks smaller then usual worst comes the worst we just have a more complex surgery on our hands and we will make sure your baby is in good hands! So we sit and wait, we have no final diagnosis but we know there is quite a bit going on, I’m thanking God we know now because we can mentally prepare ourselves and our friends and family know to be praying for the safe arrival of our little bean.

I have tried to make milestones because we also have a little bit of preterm labor stuff going on milestone #1 is on February 05 this is 24 weeks and viability week for us! Help Us pray for our little heart baby and follow our journey here, FB, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #evomomsheartbaby